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Max Walker

A Max Pac is a composition of information relating to the many aspects of Max's speaking and business fields of expertise. The package includes a CV, testimonials and individual descriptions of the roles Max undertakes.

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How to Hypnotise Chooks By Max Walker

When Max’s cricket career finished midway through the 1981/82 season, the structure of his life changed dramatically.    Today Max leads a great, erratic and at times fascinating existence and he really does enjoy sharing views and ideas and experiences.     Max loves people , meets a huge cross-section of the community and shares of  their stories and thoughts.  That’s the theme for this book, lots of tales  and lots of jokes  t provoke a giggle or two.


Other Books by Max

Ladies and Gentleman By Max Walker and Mike McColl Jones

From Max Walker, one of Australia’s most highly treasured speakers, and Mike McColl Jones, a writer with television, come Ladies and Gentlemen, a book of amusing stories and anecdotes from a lifetime behind the microphone and camera. Hear are tales of glory and folly on and off the stage, f things that can – and […]

The Wit of Walker By Max Walker and Mike Coward

Max has always been a special cricket person.  He will be remembered on only for his 138 wickets in 34 Tests for Australia, bur for his sense of humour and fun which earned him a special place in the hearts of cricket followers throughout the world.  “The Wit of Walker” is an entertaining romp, chockfull […]

Cricket Jokes By Max Walker and Brian Doyle

Here it is … the perfect companion for the lunch or tea break during day-long tests – a hip-pocket cricket joke book from Max Walker and Brian Doyle.