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A century of exhilarating screams … Happy 100th Birthday Luna Park

This article was posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Since 13th December, 1912, Mr Moon, the famous smiling face gateway, has been welcoming visitors. The rides, sideshows, attractions continue to draw generations of ‘thrill seekers’ …

I was 17 the first time I visited Luna Park … was representing the Tasmanian Colts Under 21s Cricket Team … We had lots of fun, especially on the Mousey Whizzer and the Big Dipper … a team mate almost broke my ribs, he was so scared and hung on so tightly as we rounded each rapid corner. Being stuck to the wall of a rotating cylinder was an unforgettable experience … hungry trousers …

How did you find the Ghost Train and Dodgem Cars?

Today’s rides are more sophisticated and frightening. Huge rotating arms against a blue sky … upside down … hang onto your coins and mobile phones!

The clowns, with revolving pale faces and an insatiable appetite for ping-pong balls, are still a hit with all-comers wishing to get lucky at the sideshows.

Everyone has a Luna Park story – about the place itself, a great experience or a not-so-good one. Why don’t you unload your own stories as we celebrate a century of screams …

Trust these images will open the memory bank …