Max is a character speaker – his presentations are fuelled with energy, emotion, stories and word pictures. His visual interaction is the key to carrying the messages across to the audience. It’s his love of people, his ability to share his enthusiasm for life and his quest to make a difference that turns each event into a celebration.

Speaker Max

Contact Information

The Max Walker Co.
PO Box 5135 Burnley, Victoria
3121, Australia
Tel: 0417 363 433

Max Walker

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"I am writing to thank you for delivering the keynote address to our recent Spillcon 2010 conference in Melbourne. As we expected, your speech was delivered with your trademark exuberance and feedback from delegates was very positive. I would also like to express my gratitude for your attendance at the Welcome Reception. I know that there were many photos taken with you and the delegates and a great deal of signature signing going on! I suspect this extra effort on your behalf really set the tone for such a successful a=engagement with the audience. By all accounts, Spillcon 2010 was a very successful event and again, I would like to thank you for your personal contribution."

Graham Peachey
Australian Maritime Safety Authority

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In his life Max Walker has experienced most speaking scenarios in a diverse range of locations – from magnificently appointed high-tech theaters and glamorous ballrooms, to the outdoor arenas of the Australian desert. It is his experience, confidence and ability to deliver that takes the risk or ‘unknown quantity’ from the speaker equation.

Max has hosted 3,000 plus hours of ‘live’ television, bringing another strong positive to the presenter role. He is well educated, well traveled, a wonderful story teller and a successful businessman.

His speaking roles have included formal Master of Ceremonies to hosting complex award events….. keynotes, workshops, after dinner and gala ball extravaganzas. These invitations have enabled Max to travel to most parts of Australia and the world, and have included destinations such as New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok, Vancouver, Cape Town, Hawaii, Johannesburg, Singapore, Harare, London, Auckland etc. Max is Melbourne based.

Keynote Speaker

Given Max’s vast life experience and genuine curiosity for what makes people and organizations tick, he consistently produces tailor-made keynote presentations full of relevance and impact.

It is his education, confidence and ability to deliver that takes the risk or “unknown quantity” from the speaker equation.

Max is well traveled, an elite athlete, an extraordinary communicator and a successful businessman who loves nothing better than to push the creative envelope.

His content and topics have continued to evolve and refresh.

They include:

  • Wickets, Words , Widgets – Success in a multi-dimensional world
  • Life’s a Pitch – The Power of Storytelling
  • The Sex Life of an Idea – How to Link your Creative Dots
  • Become the architect of your future – Maxxing your attitude to change.
  • How to open the doors and windows of the mind – Maxxing your neck top computer.
  • Being Max – right arm over left ear-hole at the point of delivery – verbal reverse swing.
  • The bottom line is people – Our ability to communicate is directly proportional to the success we achieve.
  • Change is really an exchange of ideas – How to build a change pyramid.
  • Average never wins – lifting the bar, stretching capabilities and Maxxing possibility thinking.
  • Maxxing presentation skills – speaking from the heart, being unordinary, being unpredictable – being authentic.
  • Communication Dashboard, Communication Flat Screen – skills to navigate to 21st century.
  • Maxxing – Being Memorable, Marketable and Remarkable 24/7 – your choice?
  • Re-imagine, re-invigorate, re-design, re-fresh – zig, zag and zoom through the fear of change.
  • Hypnotising Chooks, Kissing Crocodiles – and other reverse swinging deliveries.
  • Leadership – raising the bar – innovation, team attitude, communication.

Conference Host

To set the scene for delegates to be inspired rewarded and entertained is a challenge Max Walker thoroughly enjoys. Hosting a 1, 3, or 5 day event is a regular assignment for Max. He draws on his business, sporting, architectural and media background to stimulate and educate. With his flair and personable manner Max makes himself easily accessible.

Clients invite him back year after year, because of the strong relationships he establishes. He genuinely is a “people” person, a great value add for conference organisers.

Master of Ceremonies

The reputation Max Walker brings to the role of Master of Ceremonies is a reflection of his ability and vast experience. As a national television presenter, more than 3000 hours of live television required him to be ‘word perfect’, to maintain the integrity of the content, and to keep a tight rein on the running sheet.

An instantly recognisable face, Max brings to this role, professionalism, relevance, flexibility and injection of personality, which enables him to make a strong connection with his audience – in total a seamless presentation.

Organisations Assisted

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The iconic home of countless indelible memories – on an off the hallowed turf. Hosting events, pitching to visiting delegations, heading a video commercial to promote the facility are all parts of Max’s current activities at the ‘G’.

National Speakers Association of Australia

Max’s teams have won each year the Meeting Planner Awards have been held. Drawn from an open field, the award recognises the successful joint efforts of an event organiser, marketing campaign and presenter skills.

Vix Technologies

As a key team player, Max is working with management in developing global intranet TV for staff communication and training programs. He shares his on-screen presence, ideas, experience and knowledge to increase staff engagement.

Teachers Health Fund

As a promotional campaign figurehead Max communicates the corporate structure’s core values to its members at meetings and events. He provides guidance in PR/Marketing via collaborative creativity and artistic input exercises.

Key quality brands that Max has worked with recently include