As an avid reader, Max has collected an enviable library of books that encompass the broadest range of topics and trends. His own stories are full of humour, colour and life. The touch of a favourite fountain pen, the sight of beautifully scripted ink letters flowing across a crisp rice paper page, release a passion to share the written word.

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Max Walker

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Max Walker, famous for his sporting exploits, is also the author of 14 books with sales exceeding 1 million copies (seven No 1 best sellers). Max also developed a CD-ROM which provides a staggering 11 hours of entertainment. From his first book ‘Tangles’, which was published 1976, to his latest work ‘Caps, Hats and Helmets’ Max has enjoyed popular appeal in the market place.

Articles by Max

Barrow Island

Oddly, the woman at the check-in desk asked to view any footwear that would accompany me to Barrow Island – site of the iconic Gorgan resources project. The remote island is a Grade A nature reserve. This presents a unique environment, overlaid with a set of strict compliance guidelines to operate with. Basically, flora and […]

Bad Reflections

Question: How do I stop reflection in my glasses when filming in front of a Green Screen? Answer: This is a common problem … If the lens is in the same plane (vertical, like the eye wear being worn) and at same the level, the reflection of the Green Screen will be visible in glasses. […]

Tooth Snatcher

Some experiences never change – the fear of the dentist – situated above the eyebrows in the neck top computer. The darkroom where negatives develop. I had managed to avoid getting a crown on any of my teeth for a lifetime. But the moment of truth recently became a reality – apprehension high, anxiety off […]

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Caps, Hats and Helmets By Max Walker

The difficult exercise of writing about sport in the 21st Century is the sheer blanket of media coverage. We can plant the bum on a couch and watch a Test match, six hours a day, start of play to stumps. You can listen to the “end of play” summary or ball-by-ball description on radio. Television […]

Tangles By Max Walker and Neil Philipson

Maxwell Henry Walker, commonly known as ‘Tangles” to friends, fans and opponents alike, is one of those rarities in sport.  A man who became a champion in two entirely different fields and a ‘character’ in each.   Max was a child prodigy in both cricket and football.   It is difficult enough for any sportsman […]

Cricketer at the Crossroads By Max Walker and Neil Philipson

Max brought with him a wealth of tall tales when he crossed Bass Straight.  He has never tired of telling them and since touring the world has added an international variety. Max’s book, Cricketer at the Crossroads is like his game, honest, straight to the point with a little bit of humour thrown in for […]

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