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Tangles By Max Walker and Neil Philipson

Maxwell Henry Walker, commonly known as ‘Tangles” to friends, fans and opponents alike, is one of those rarities in sport.  A man who became a champion in two entirely different fields and a ‘character’ in each.   Max was a child prodigy in both cricket and football.   It is difficult enough for any sportsman to get to the top in one field of endeavour, let alone two:  Max not only succeeded but worked his way through an architectural course at the same time.  This is a fascinating book about a fascinating sportsman whose sense of perspective is reinforced by a great, native Australian humour.

Other Books by Max

How to Tame Lions By Max Walker

It would appear that there are many people out there who share Max’s warped since of humour and an immense enjoyment of life and its situations.  This book is basically an anecdotal romp.   Somehow the problems and burdens of life don’t seem quite as worrying if you can laugh or smile at yourself.   […]

Football Jokes By Max Walker and Brian Doyle

From the irrepressible Max Walker and Brian Doyle comes another pocket-sized collection of jokes … this time for the football inclined. Whatever your preferred code – rugby union or soccer – it’s all in the nifty little companion to Cricket Jokes.

Caps, Hats and Helmets By Max Walker

The difficult exercise of writing about sport in the 21st Century is the sheer blanket of media coverage. We can plant the bum on a couch and watch a Test match, six hours a day, start of play to stumps. You can listen to the “end of play” summary or ball-by-ball description on radio. Television […]