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Bad Reflections

This article was posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Question: How do I stop reflection in my glasses when filming in front of a Green Screen?


This is a common problem …

If the lens is in the same plane (vertical, like the eye wear being worn) and at same the level, the reflection of the Green Screen will be visible in glasses.

A quick answer is to take off the eye wear altogether … ie shoot without wearing glasses …


  1. put a diffuser on your light source
  2. have the camera set up a little higher than the eye-line or glass of the eye wear
  3. it will be better to bounce light and generally better with more than 1 light source …but if there is only one light source, place it directly behind the camera
  4. the more pixels you use … the more latitude you will have post production
  5. Better to dumb it down than dumb it up

After 30 plus years of standing both in front of cameras and behind, there is a wealth of experience to share when it comes to the gearbox of  communication. I would welcome any further questions.