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Tooth Snatcher

This article was posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some experiences never change – the fear of the dentist – situated above the eyebrows in the neck top computer. The darkroom where negatives develop.

I had managed to avoid getting a crown on any of my teeth for a lifetime. But the moment of truth recently became a reality – apprehension high, anxiety off the charts … couldn’t conceal my fear. The eyes are a dead-set give away!!!

How many fingers are needed to render a solitary back tooth? 8 fingers and 2 thumbs plus the nurse’s “sucker” – fluid extraction hose.

Mission impossible you might say …

This was just part of the preparation. A portable, makeshift protective cover to get me to the main event in 2 weeks time. The permanent cap.

“Don’t eat anything hard or sharp on back left …”
“The glue dries quicker these days … you can enjoy a coffee in 15 minutes …”
“Come back in a fortnight …”
Sound familiar?

Reminds me of a story I penned many years ago … same dentist, Dr Victor Barnes … been skulking into his surgery for more than 3 decades now …

In Fright of the Drill – ‘It was too late, the cavities were there’

I am please to share the fact that the rear left molar now successfully wears a crown … unfortunately, given the blister on my credit card, even with my smile it is not visible. Thanks Doc … keep smiling