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Disaster Aid Australia

This article was posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Rotary wheel has many cogs and continues to be energised by wonderful, committed people all around the world.

Thank you to all the people who attended the conference in Geelong. It was a privilege to share stories of philanthropic pursuit … a chance to reflect on ROMAC and Disaster Aid Australia (DAA) … and hear of other amazing projects DAA has played a major role in.

DAA aided rebuilding in the aftermath of Cyclone Pablo in the Philippines … Volunteers were on the ground through Christmas and the New Year, 2012-13. This was an amazing effort in devastating circumstances amid death and destruction.

During the conference lunch break I signed copies of my books that I had donated to the fundraiser… the session lasted 2 hours … way beyond lunch. The $5,500.00 raised has already been put to good use in providing survival boxes.

I couldn’t believe the constant queue at the signing … or the indentations in my fingers from non-stop autographing!!! It seems there is still much life and interest in the ‘How to …’ series of books and, of course, ‘Caps, Hats & Helmets’ … even still have a few signed copies here.

Again, thank you everyone involved … keep making a difference.

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