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Max Walker

A Max Pac is a composition of information relating to the many aspects of Max's speaking and business fields of expertise. The package includes a CV, testimonials and individual descriptions of the roles Max undertakes.

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The Wit of Walker By Max Walker and Mike Coward

Max has always been a special cricket person.  He will be remembered on only for his 138 wickets in 34 Tests for Australia, bur for his sense of humour and fun which earned him a special place in the hearts of cricket followers throughout the world.  “The Wit of Walker” is an entertaining romp, chockfull of anecdotes of his boyhood days in Tasmania and of his life as a member of one of Australia’s greatest cricket teams.  It uncovers the identities who caused him to laugh as a land and tells o f the sporting personalities who kept him laughing.  An entertaining study of one facet of a fascinating character, it takes the reader from the ‘snake pit’ bar of The Empire Hotel in Hobart to the South African ghetto to Soweto and beyond.


Other Books by Max

A Chip of the Old Block By Max Walker

This is an insight into the lives to two mates, Big Max and Little Max, father and son, builder and architect, cricket and football payers and raconteurs extraordinaire.  A rollercoaster ride of Australian memories recounted in the Max Walker tradition.  Chip Off the Old Block is sure to bring a smile and a chuckle to […]

Football Jokes By Max Walker and Brian Doyle

From the irrepressible Max Walker and Brian Doyle comes another pocket-sized collection of jokes … this time for the football inclined. Whatever your preferred code – rugby union or soccer – it’s all in the nifty little companion to Cricket Jokes.

Back to Bay 13 By Max Walker & Peter MacFarlane

Max is a true cricket ‘character’ and, as such a personality, he is the favourite of those cricket fans who frequent Bay 13 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  They enjoy him and undoubtedly Max similarly enjoys the remarks and comments with which he is greeted after his long trudge from the centre to the fence.  […]